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  1. Which Diet Will Actually Work For Me?
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  3. How To Choose Your Best Diet

Here, five cues that ring like a bell in my mind whenever I'm confronted with certain choices:. Bread: Whole grain or whole wheat bread slices in lieu of, say, white rolls, baguettes, and wraps. Bagels if you must eat a bagel; I must : peanut butter higher protein, lower saturated fat options instead of cream cheese. Food is fuel. It's a simple principle, but still counterintuitive: Even if you're cutting calories in the rest of your diet, eat a meal an hour before working out so you don't hit the wall.

If I stopped drinking, many of my problems would be solved. But again, this is about small changes, not drastic ones. So on a big night out, I now drink light beer. The difference between eight Coors Lights and eight pints of microbrew can be upwards of 1, calories. And just because a buddy offers to buy you a brew doesn't mean you need to take him up on it Never mind.

Yes, it does. Once I'd started working on my diet, I began to actively pursue calorie reduction. I wasn't eating when I wasn't hungry, and when I was ambivalent about a particular kind of food ie, when I wasn't craving, say, a chicken parm hero , I'd opt for a healthy choice. This thinking carried over to my workout days as well. If I was to workout, say, in the middle of the day, I'd eat lightly beforehand so that I wasn't feeling overstuffed while I ercised.

This proved to be a mistake.

I was literally burning through the energy sources in my body. Now I make sure I've had enough to eat before heading to the gym, and it makes all the difference in the world. This is because over time these restrictions can lead to cravings, binges, and overeating completely sabotaging your attempts to improve nutrition and weight.

Which Diet Will Actually Work For Me?

Food deprivation, or restrictive eating, may cause you to dislike healthy nutritious foods. And what happens when you chronically feel deprived? Perhaps we do this because we fear another restriction is just around the corner. You want the majority of your calories to come from healthy, whole foods.


These are foods you can pronounce. Fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, dairy. And keep things simple. For the most part, the foods that really deserve your fear are ones that come in bags and boxes: potato chips loaded with hydrogenated oils, cereals processed using extrusion and mixed with sugars and food coloring, etc. And if you need some motivation, check out this Huffington Post article that recommends fitness apps. Accept the fact that we are all different.

How To Choose Your Best Diet

Listen to your body. The early s broadcast media advertising campaign featured a jingle, sung by The Paris Sisters with the lyrics:.

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Tip 1: Enjoy your food.

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