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  1. Commentary on Romans 9:1-5
  2. Epistles: Paul’s Anguish for His People (Romans 9)
  3. Romans: The Purpose of Chapters 9-11
  4. Enduring Word Bible Commentary Romans Chapter 9
  5. Lesson 7: Romans (9)-11

Probably because some people thought that Paul had abandoned his people, and that God had, as well. Paul has deep concern for his people, and he is convinced that without Christ, they are headed for destruction, despite all their advantages. Gentiles had many of these advantages, too — they can be adopted through Christ, given the divine glory, a new covenant and wonderful promises. The Jews were so proud of these good things that they were overlooking the best thing — Christ. The grammar is sometimes debated, but it seems most likely that the Messiah is being called God and given a praise doxology appropriate to God.

Commentary on Romans 9:1-5

His main point is that Jesus is a Jew, the fulfillment of the promises given to the patriarchs. For not all those who are descended from Israel are truly Israel. Some descendants of Israel are disqualified as the later rabbis also said. Only Isaac was a child of promise. God loved Esau enough to bless him, but he did not choose him for the covenant he gave Israel.

Instead, the promise was carried through the line of Jacob. God can choose the people he works with, and when, and for what purpose. He had a special purpose for Israel, and he did not choose everyone for that role. It looks like God is not keeping his promises.

Epistles: Paul’s Anguish for His People (Romans 9)

Is there injustice with God? The surprise is not that some people are left out — the miracle is that some people are chosen. God can give mercy to whomever he wants, without being unfair to the others Matthew Salvation is by grace, not by what we want or do. It is easy to show that mercy is fair, but Paul also has to include the opposite, because it seems that Israel is being hardened.

You will be an object lesson of what happens to people who resist my purpose. We have to accept what God does, and not judge him by our own understanding. He has a purpose in it. For who has ever resisted his will?

Romans: The Purpose of Chapters 9-11

The marvel is not that God rejects his people — it is that he is so patient with those who reject him. If God is patient with those who oppose him, how much more is he patient with those who turn to him? God can reject Israelites who persistently reject him.

He has no further obligation to them — they are in the same category as Gentiles. So, if he can make these rejected Israelites his people again, then he can make anyone his people.

Enduring Word Bible Commentary Romans Chapter 9

He can choose people he previously ignored, just as he did with Abraham and Israel. What God did with the Jews, he can also do with everyone else. The word remnant is important. If we were left to ourselves, Paul says, we would be desolate.

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But because God has been merciful, a remnant of people are responding. A portion is being saved. Why did Israel not attain their goal? Drag Swipe to Discover More.

Man Opposes; God Disposes (Romans ) |

Session 1. Everything we do revolves around an exchange. We exchange time for money. We exchange money for goods. We exchange goods for services ren Read Devotional. Session 2. In , London held a four-day extravaganza i Session 3.

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Captains size up th Session 4. Session 5. Every generation tries to understand love, fall in love, and explain love.

Lesson 7: Romans (9)-11

People have gone to extremes t Session 6. Most of us have entered a revolving door at some point.

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Children think circular doors are a thrill ride and often want to remain there go Session 7. News outlets ca Session 8. Do you worry God will stop loving you? Grace covers all our sins: past, present and future. Romans An unsuspecting person Session You can enter the the self-help section in a bookstore without a care in the world, only to leave with at least three self-diagnosed prob