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You belong to me. This belongs to that. In grammar speak, the apostrophe shows the possessive of nouns. Add apostrophe s to the end of a singular noun, even if it ends in s this practice may vary in some places :. Notice that possessive pronouns like yours, his, hers, ours, its and theirs are not followed by the apostrophe. Finally, if you want to play around with it, Wikipedia has a list of four phrases illustrating how the apostrophe can literally change the meaning of sentences.

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Thanks for clearing it up. Regarding family names, the process is like you said. Use the apostrophe if you want to state ownership or belonging. Good post. The only part where both versions could diverge is the one regarding the singular nouns ending with an s. They both own the house. I think the second one is right. Which one is correct? What about names that end in S?

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All of your questions can be professionally answered by going to The Apostrophe Protection Society site. Would you say? It is actually very simple. What you have proposed would cause more confusion as it would further divorce written language from speech. A quick Google search also reveals a large number of educational establishments which have apparently given up on the question and call themselves St Thomas University Miami Gardens, Florida and Fredericton, New Brunswick or University of St Thomas St Paul, Minnesota and Houston, Texas — the former, of course, will give a lot of grammar sticklers indigestion.

One author, giving advice to budding writers, recommended avoiding giving characters any names that end in -s, simply to sidestep the issue altogether. In the dim light one might look like ones son. One logical question. How do you use the apostrophe for two people who do not own the same thing e. The idea is that their perception of the code of conduct is not the same.

And where I come from, the possessive form of Jesus and Moses are NOT generally pronounced with three syllables at all. They really grate on the ear. My last name ends in s. They paw through the snow until they hit grass then pick.

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Unless they have a reason to move the Brumbies tend to cluster in the same area until the weather passes, this could be days but it keeps the hard work of digging to a minimum. Foals stay close to mumma, share the findings and head to the milk bar way more frequently to ensure they always have something in their belly. Photos Copyright to Carol Hancock. Hard going for the Brumbies as the snow just kept falling, with the total tally hitting just under a meter, the Brumbies really had to work hard to get through the snow.

The youngsters figured out pretty quickly to go single file for the most easiest path. Good news is that the sunshine is out today, a welcome reprieve from the last four days of weather. The snowy Mountain Brumby, As hardy as they come! This fella was not only quite content in the cold he was searching causing mayhem by attempting to groom, annoy or play with anyone that looked at hims sideways. Day 3 of the Blizzard and it is still coming in strong! The Brumbies are holding up just fine, safe in the trees waiting for the weather to pass.

They continuously amaze me on how tough they are, this blizzard sure was something else! Posterboy had a jostle with numerous bachelors this afternoon. All in all I watched him play about with 5 other Stallions ensuring that the hierarchy was well established and understood. This photo of Paleface was taken whilst I was just sitting, enjoying every moment the Brumbies in the Snowy Mountains allow me to be a part of their day, they truly are very special horses.

I cant even begin to say how good is to be back up among the Brumbies!

Spent some quality time with Paleface and his mob, along with a couple of other favourites. This shot of PosterBoy says it all really! Everyone is accounted for, in good health and looking fantastic!!

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The snow has well and truly arrived for the winter, due to an unfavourable interaction with a Kangaroo and being car less, I've been unable to visit the dear Brumbies, This photo of Faith was taken back in April experiencing her first snow, a great reminder on how well they do in tough weather! Gotta say I can not wait to get back up the Mountain and get me some brumby time once again!

Dear Gwyneth Paltrow, I’m a GYN and your vaginal jade eggs are a bad idea

Jump to. Sections of this page. Meadow Fiction Now Her Name Is Roxy Only One Point of Dreaming Ride Seashell Song The Smallest Thing Sparkle Email address:. Lyric Archive. Astrid and the Killer Penguin. Songs for the Sacred Age. Romance of the Spaceways. Silver Nitrate. Letters Never Sent. Reality Jockey. Lamppost on Sawyer instrumental The Remedy am I done with external things I thought might bring me pleasure? Rise instrumental Antarctica Fifty North The Visitor what a funny planet Astrid pokes over her root beer float is that the way you have it?

Accidents and Melodies []. Kid Ghosts []. Love and Armageddon []. Songs for the Sacred Age []. Waterside disc two: Stronger than Love hey baby… where have you gone? Sigmund and Pandora across his austrian desk the candlelit papers rustle the winds of tortured past and the words assigned to what cannot be described would rip apart a nation the rev of the engine roar half the western world aboard except one certain generation timetable ripped my watch has stopped again so when so when will phoenix fly again? Here I Am can i have your attention before the span is totally closed?

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Tread it was just like yesterday I remember when we tooled down to the wharf to take that helicopter ride as I fingered hearts into the spirals of your hand we watched the last of the sealife forms crawl their way onto the sand the bucketholders arrive! Wadsworth Steffey Romance of the Spaceways []. Taste lyrics by A. Weiss and W.

Case Susan Snow and Bruce Nickell : Casefile

Love Song for Kyrie Snow []. Roadstar []. Healing No. Diabetic white papers strewn down hazel avenue across manicured lawns yellow school bus waves its red arm here we have everything everything but the spark the fire dissolves into mediocre pot under sodium light in the brunswick parking lot everyone loves chelsea she always hits the vein mommys real active on the deerfield PTA her parents let the silent supper decide that everything is just fine a silver spoon with maple residue destiny lies sometimes grandparents fought for freedom just for fun cause the liberty shes dying for is to get fucked up at 21, yeah a silver spoon maple residue destiny lies in tracks no lexus car could ever hide the choir resolves and then jumps in the lake because candylands caught the bug that it couldnt shake everyone loves chelsea she always hits the vein mommys real active on the northbrook PTA her parents let the silent supper decide that everything is just fine Roadstar [endsong] all this energy opened up by you satiate me deep my robots go wild metal arms once flailing now have nothing to do nothing to do but everything all this energy opened up by you i love you completely.

Silver NItrate []. Song For Black Elk instrumental Letters Never Sent []. Pretty Auburn hey! Singles [].

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